Futurepast Testimonials


“The Futurepast GHG verifier training course was very informative. I feel I have a better, more thorough understanding of the standard after attending the course.”

Sabrina W.

“The course was very detailed, and I liked the added bonus of getting to understand the intent behind the standard by someone who helped write it. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Stephanie S. 

“I was very satisfied with the Futurepast course. The content was helpful and relevant to the topic, and highly informative to the new standard.”

Bradley F.

“I found the course very informative and I am confident the material will help me with my work.”

Nora V.

“It was great to have a course instructor that was incredibly knowledgeable in the standard. I would recommend this course to others who need to know the ISO 14064:2019 Part 3 standard.”

Allison B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was good to have John who was involved in the development of the standard clarify and explain the thinking behind the changes. I would recommend this course to others who need to understand the standard.”

Glenn C. 

“I was satisfied with the course – John is experienced and professional and could answer all of our questions.”

Jane H.

“The course material was excellent and John was very attentive and ready to cooperate with the students on the discussion of the training topic.”

Anar Y.

“Thanks for the course arrangement! I learned a lot from the very-well experienced instructor!”

Tim K.

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