Environmental Management

Implementing an ISO 14001–based environmental management system (EMS) makes good business sense.  An EMS not only makes managing compliance requirements more efficient and effective, it also helps organizations save money through the greening of energy consumption and by promoting cost cutting through waste reduction, recycling, and reuse programs.  

An ISO 14001–based EMS draws on the commitment of top management—expressed in an environmental policy—to the prevention of pollution, compliance with legal and other requirements, and continual improvement.  Greening the organization takes place through programs designed to fulfill specific environmental and sustainability objectives and targets.

A properly designed EMS also ensures that all personnel understand their respective roles in fulfilling environmental requirements and that procedures are developed to ensure that operations are controlled in accordance with the organization’s requirements.

Your EMS should define roles and responsibilities for emergency response, monitoring and measurement, for internal audit and for implementing corrective actions when needed. You should consider how your EMS applies to other interested parties, such as suppliers and transportation companies. 

Based on your requirements, Futurepast consultants will help you establish your EMS as a stand‐alone system or one that integrates with your other management system practices and procedures. We work closely with environmental managers to ensure that the EMS you implement is compatible with your management culture and integrates seamlessly with your existing management systems. We will also assist you with the upgrading and streamlining of existing management system practices and the selection and implementation of software solutions, if desired.

Futurepast consultants have years of management systems experience. We have participated in ISO management systems development, consulting and auditing since 1998. Please call us at 703-358-9127 or email us at count.carbon@futurepast.com for more information.

Course Package Includes:

  • An hour of one-on-one consulting after completion of the course to address your toughest environmental management challenges
  • A complete seminar course book
  • Copy of the ISO 14001:2015 standard (a $138.00 value!)
  • Crosswalk table to identify gaps and changed requirements
  • Certificate of completion from Futurepast
  • Lunch & coffee

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