Management Systems

Enhance the effectiveness of organizational management systems: environmental, health and safety, and aviation safety

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Your Organization’s Management System

All organizations have management systems, whether they are ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001 certified or not. Some are truly integrated, and easily adapt to new needs, such as carbon counting and environmental and safety management. Others have been implemented in a more piecemeal fashion as management recognized the benefit of Plan-Do-Check-Act approaches to various organizational functions. Regardless of whether your organization’s management system has been consciously integrated or remains “siloed”, integrating the processes needed to manage environment, safety and health can simplify the task. This integration effort can be approached as a management system improvement initiative. When upgrading your management system, Futurepast recommends considering the requirements of the following ISO standards:

  • Information security (ISO 27001)
  • Supply chain security management (ISO 28001)
  • Risk management (ISO 31000)
  • Energy efficiency (ISO 50001)

Top management should be well aware of the benefits of improving management system performance. Better process efficiency, enhanced compliance assurance, improved communication internally and externally, higher quality, and greater customer satisfaction are examples of just a few possible benefits. Futurepast has extensive experience helping organizations improve and integrate their management systems. For organizations new to formalized management systems, Futurepast offers consulting, training and auditing in the following specialized areas: