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ISO Greenhouse Gas Standards
Training for organizations, verifiers and oversight bodies

The goal of Futurepast’s training courses is to ensure that users of ISO GHG standards have access to the most accurate and useful information related to the published 2nd editions of ISO 14064.

Our organization offers high-quality training on verifying and validating greenhouse gas emissions according to the revised ISO 14064:2019 Part 3 standard. These courses allow individuals to fully understand the update and how it should be applied in practice. In order to fit your individual learning style, we offer both instructor-led courses and online courses. In accordance with ASTM E2659-18 “Standard Practice for Certificate Programs,” a certificate will be awarded for individuals who have successfully completed a course.

You will receive instruction from a leading expert. Our courses are authored by Dr. John Shideler and presented by John and other recognized verification/validation experts. John provided key input to the three ISO working groups that developed ISO 14064 Parts 1 and 3, and ISO 14067. John has more than ten years’ experience as an accredited verifier and validator. He currently serves as chairman of ISO TC207 Subcommittee 4 on Environmental performance evaluation, and as a member of the ISO Technical Management Board’s Climate Change Coordination Task Force. He is the Climate Services Manager for NSF International, an accredited third-party verification and validation body.


Transition Time

Updated April 17th, 2019 

ISO 14064:2019 Part 3 has been published. Click HERE to preview or purchase the standard.

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has announced a transition plan for ISO 14064 Parts 1 and 2, but not for ISO 14064 Part 3. Accreditation Bodies shall be ready to carry out transition assessment for ISO 14064-1:2019 and ISO 14064-2:2019 within six months from the date of publication of the revised standards. Futurepast will post updated information about IAF transition plans for ISO 14064-3:2019 when it becomes available.

Course Objectives

• Learn how the requirements of ISO 14064 Part 1 2nd edition should inform choices GHG inventory managers make about GHG sources to be included in their inventory and how they should quantify them
• Learn how the requirements of ISO 14064 Part 2 2nd edition continue to provide the basis for emission reduction and removal enhancement projects
• Learn how the revised requirements of ISO 14064 Part 3 2nd edition have changed how GHG verifiers and validators approach their work
• Learn how organizations should quantify the carbon footprint of products according to ISO 14067

Course Outcomes

Students successfully completing Futurepast courses will be able to:

• Ensure that their GHG inventories conform to the latest requirements of ISO 14064 Part 1 2nd edition
• Design, implement, monitor and report emission reduction and removal enhancement projects that conform to ISO 14064 Part 2 2nd edition
• Verify and validate greenhouse gas statements related to organizational inventories, mitigation projects, and carbon footprint of products

Click below to take a free introductory course introducing you to the changes in the ISO greenhouse gas standards.

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Advisory Group

Futurepast has established an Advisory Group comprised of and representing the interests of the certificate program’s primary stakeholders, whose purpose is to advise certificate program management on issues integral to ensuring the certificate is current, relevant, and valuable to its primary stakeholders. Our Advisory Group includes:

Mr. Graeme Drake, GED Advisory (Australia)
Mr. Kevin Kimmel, Management Systems (USA)
Ms. Stacey Mack, NSF International (USA)
Mr. Jaedong Noh, Chief Executive Officer, EnStar (Republic of Korea)
Ms. Haneul Park
Ms. Christine Schuh, le-ef.com Consulting Corp. (Canada)
Ms. Tina Sentner, Pele Consulting (USA)


Every person who successfully completes the course, including learning assessment checks and a final exam (scoring 70% or greater), will be awarded a certificate. Futurepast’s certificate program is operated in accordance with ASTM E2659-18 “Standard Practice for Certificate Programs.”

The certificate is valid for the specific edition of the standard as stated on the certificate.

Certificates represent that an individual has completed a course and passed a summative learning assessment demonstrating knowledge of the content included in our courses. Certificates do not represent certification of a person to perform any specified activity.

Futurepast shall invalidate a certificate only if the person to whom it was issued is found not to have met the requirements of our certificate program.

So which course delivery option best suits you?

Online                 Instructor-Led

For questions about the courses we offer, or for any other inquiries, please e-mail: kate.puddy@futurepast.com

Privacy Policy
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Futurepast Inc. Appeals Policy
An appeal may be submitted when a student believes a grade was miscalculated by the instructor. To file an appeal, please e-mail Kate Puddy, Futurepast’s Training Manager, at fptraining@futurepast.com or call +1 (703)-357-9127 ext. 5.

The appeal may be submitted no later than 30 calendar days after the certificate issuance date.

Complaint Policy
Futurepast is dedicated to providing quality service to all its customers. We value and greatly appreciate your feedback at any time. We are also committed to resolving any complaints you may have quickly, fairly and efficiently.

To file a complaint, or it you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at contactus@futurepast.com or call +1 (703)-357-9127.



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