Greenhouse Gas Verification Training

Training for organizations, verifiers and oversight bodies.

The goal of Futurepast’s training courses is to ensure that users of ISO GHG standards have access to the most accurate and useful information related to the published 2nd editions of ISO 14064.

Green Finance

“Greening” the financial sector is an “enabling” technology in the fight to address impacts from climate change. Without the active deployment of private capital, decarbonization of the economy will not occur at a sufficiently rapid pace to limit global warming to 2° Celsius or lower in the critical time period before 2050.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The civil aviation industry has committed to achieve carbon neutral growth from 2020 and to halve carbon emissions from aircraft by 2050 compared to 2005. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) play a large role in meeting these targets. SAF are “drop-in” fuels that meet all the technical and safety specifications of petroleum-based aviation fuel.

Carbon Counting

Futurepast assists organization to identify and address strategic issues related to climate change, including direct and indirect impacts from the effects of climate change, regulatory risks, changes in consumer preferences, and reputational risk. We also assist organizations to decide what greenhouse gas information to disclose and how to disclose it.

Management Systems

All organizations have management systems, whether they are ISO 9001/ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 certified or not. Some are truly integrated, and easily adapt to new needs, such as carbon counting and environmental and safety management. Others have been implemented in a more piecemeal fashion as management recognized the benefit of Plan-Do-Check-Act approaches to various organizational functions.


Our organization offers high-quality training on verifying and validating greenhouse gas emissions according to the revised ISO 14064:2019 Part 3 standard. These courses allow individuals to fully understand the update and how it should be applied in practice.