Futurepast: Inc. helps organizations manage change. Click below get more information on the six categories of service we offer:

Airport Safety Management Systems

Implement an FAA-Compliant SMS. Futurepast helps organizations create an implementation plan and implement a Safety Management System that meets organizational needs and satisfies FAA regulatory requirements. We work collaboratively with your management team and on-site professionals to ensure that the management system enhances your safety risk management practices and is fully integrated with existing (or improved) business practices at your FAA Part 139 airport (Class I, II, III or IV).

EHS Management

Consulting. Futurepast helps organizations implement and maintain environmental management systems, Responsible Care management systems in the chemical and transportation industries, and integrated health-safety-environmental management systems in other industries. For organizations with mature management systems, Futurepast assists organizations to streamline and improve their processes, manage data and information, and integrate systems.

Futurepast offers on-site training for management systems internal auditors and greenhouse gas verifiers, and for personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining management systems. Information about our trainings open to the public can be found here.

Auditing. Futurepast enables organizations to outsource internal (first-party) management system auditing in the areas of environment, safety and health, and greenhouse gas management. Futurepast auditors also perform supplier (second-party) audits of an organization’s customers and suppliers.

Counting Carbon

Futurepast “counts carbon” in a number of ways.

Greenhouse Gas Consulting. Futurepast assists organization to identify and address strategic issues related to climate change, including direct and indirect impacts from the effects of climate change, regulatory risks, changes in consumer preferences, and reputational risk. We also assist organizations to decide what to disclose and how to disclose greenhouse gas information. With increased consumer interest in greenhouse gas information and climate change mitigation, companies increasingly are asked to quantify greenhouse gas emissions applicable to particular products or services.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting. Futurepast assists organizations with internal and external reporting of greenhouse gas information for inventories and projects, and for calculating a “carbon footprint” of products that can meet legal requirements for an “environmental claim.” Futurepast helps organizations comply with greenhouse gas regulations at both the state and federal levels, as well as with the accounting of information intended for voluntary disclosure.

Greenhouse Gas Verification. Futurepast provides greenhouse gas verification services to satisfy an organization’s requirements for internal auditing of the greenhouse gas information and information systems. Our services are also available to organizations that wish to verify the greenhouse emissions information and management systems of their supply chain.

Quality Management at Futurepast

Futurepast conducts its work in accordance with a quality management system based on ISO/CD 9001:2013. Please follow this link to Futurepast’s quality policy.

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