Responsible Care

RC 14001 & RCMS Focus On Environment, Health, Safety & Security

Chemical companies and partners that are members of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) demonstrate their commitment to sound environment, health, safety and security practices through certification to a Responsible Care management system.

Companies choose either to meet the requirements of the ACC’s “Responsible Care Management System” (RCMS) or RC 14001—an expanded version of ISO 14001.

Both specifications follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act model that has proven effective in improving organizational performance. Either approach enables an organization to manage its environment, health, safety and security risks and hazards.

Conforming to an EHS&S management system that follows either the RCMS specification or the RC 14001 standard helps companies to reduce risks while improving operational efficiency. The ACC tracks member EHS&S results by requiring the annual reporting of key management system performance indicators.

Futurepast provides experienced consultants who have helped organizations in North America, Europe, and Africa design and implement management systems in the process industries. Because our consultants also work for ACC-acredited registrars, they know what it takes to achieve success with RCMS and RC 14001 implementation. Futurepast’s consulting services include:

  • Consulting on implementation
  • Training staff on RCMS/RC 14001 interpretation and implementation
  • Training internal auditors
  • Preparing for and achieving ISO 14001 certification
  • Providing internal auditing services.

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