Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) is a program of the Airports Council International. Initially available in Europe, this carbon accounting program designed for and by airports has come to North America.  ACA helps airports manage and reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide, improve energy efficiency, and guide and influence energy management by the airport’s stakeholder community. The goal of ACA certification is to help airports reduce their footprint—a win-win for the airport and for the environment. Airports Council International’s website for Airport Carbon Accreditation can be found here.

Help from Futurepast

Futurepast provides consulting services to airports seeking certification by ACA. We can help you define a carbon management policy, quantify your carbon footprint, and set emission reduction goals.

Verifying Your CO2 Footprint

Alternatively, as an approved ACA independent verifier, Futurepast’s John Shideler can verify your airport carbon footprint. (Conflict-of-interest rules preclude offering consulting and verification services to the same airport client.)

Verification is conducted in accordance with ISO 14064 Part 3, the International Standard for greenhouse gas verification. It’s a document that John Shideler helped write in his role as US expert to ISO Technical Committee 207.

Greenhouse gas verification techniques are similar to those used by financial auditors. They involve reviewing documents to prepare for the audit, conducting a site visit to check on the completeness of emission source identification and compliance with ACA rules, and verifying the quantification of activity data and reported emissions.

A Concerted Aviation Effort

Airports have an important role to play in reducing overall CO2 emissions from the aviation sector. Aircraft manufacturers and airline operators are also pursuing carbon emission reductions through improvements in engine technology and operational changes to reduce fuel burn. Aviation biofuels will further reduce CO2 emissions. Working together, the aviation sector can achieve carbon neutral growth from 2020.

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