Radiation Safety Assurance: Decommissioning of Nuclear Reactors at Civil and Military Installations

by Igor A. Engovatov et alia

Volume 4 of the ISTC Science and Technology Series

ISBN 0-9710464-3-3

ISTC, Science & Technology Series, Vol. 4, Futurepast, Arlington, Virginia, USA

The authors have produced a very high quality book covering all activities related to decommissioning of nuclear installations (submarines, icebreakers, NPP as well research reactors) in the Russian Federation. In a most interesting way they have also outlined the strategic approach connected to the decommissioning activities which to a large extent harmonizes with the western one.

Furthermore, the book contains an impressive amount of scientific data related to different nuclides to be managed in the decommissioning work.”

Bo Gustafsson
SKB International Consultants AB
Stockholm, Sweden

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